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11:00 AM EST

Gamification For The Win! And Data to Prove It.

Katie Kinsella, Learning Solutions Architect at ELB Learning

Did you know that when work is gamified, as many as 89% of employees experience heightened motivation? Recent research has proven that companies that use gamification are seven times more profitable than those that do not use gamified elements at work—whether with employees or consumers. Join Katie Kinsella and experience the power of Gamification yourself, plus take a peek behind the curtain. You’ll participate in a quick Jeopardy!® game, dive into the analytics, and see how easy it is to incorporate games into your training.  


  • Learn how to:
  • Create a game and adjust it quickly when time is of the essence
  • Analyze the data - we promise there really is data to learn from

12:00 PM EST

Build & Translate Learning In A Snap: Introducing The Studio MicroBuilder

James Kingsley, Senior Director Product Development at ELB Learning

Ever used a chef’s knife when a pairing knife would have worked better?  Or maybe drove a minivan when you really only needed a two-seater?  There are some days when bigger isn’t better and too much is just too much. Learning is the same way. When an expensive and time-consuming course isn’t needed, in walks ELB Learning’s newest app.  Introducing: The Studio MicroBuilder.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at ELB Learning's soon-to-be-released rapid authoring tool where you can:

  • Create content and modules effortlessly
  • Customize module visuals with standard or self-uploaded themes
  • Translate video and text with closed captions and voice-overs
  • And more!

1:00 PM EST

Artificial Intelligence: Your Security Questions Answered

Brooks Canavesi, CXO of Problem Solutions

Is AI secure? This session is designed to address one of the most pressing questions in today’s digital landscape. We'll delve into the security aspects of AI, exploring both its strengths and vulnerabilities.

We’ll answer your questions and discuss the steps organizations can take to ensure a secure AI implementation. Whether you're a business leader, IT professional, or simply an AI enthusiast, this session will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the complex landscape of AI.



  • Navigating AI Security Challenges: Understand common challenges faced when implementing AI solutions and learn effective solutions to overcome these obstacles.
  • Best Practices for AI Security: Learn about best practices and strategies for ensuring robust security in any AI-driven environment, including data protection and privacy considerations.
  • Future-Focused: Get insights into the future trends and developments in AI and security, equipping you with the knowledge to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.