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11:00 AM EST

Talk to Me Like You Mean It: Applying Theater Principles to AI Conversations

Chuck Sigmund, President of ProMobile BI & Josh Penzell, Co-Founder of TheaterThink

Chat GPT, MidJourney, Claude2...Generative AI is all the rage. But, too many people don't know how to engage with these tools most effectively to get the desired outcome. We developed the TheaterThink model as a structured approach to human-centered problem-solving using language, methods, and principles cultivated and taught by theater artists worldwide. And, wouldn't you know, it works perfectly for AI interactions. Experience the approach that takes your prompt engineering from "meh" to mindblowing!


  • Define the distinction between search engines and reasoning engines
  • Leverage the concepts of theater to inform prompt development 
  • Craft prompts that engage the AI platform in conversation and reasoning

12:00 PM EST

Cracking the Code to Training Cyber Smart Workers

Sai Huda, CEO of CyberCatch & Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer at ELB Learning

74% of data breaches are caused by human error. Developed by CyberCatch and ELB Learning, HackOps is an immersive cybersecurity training game for the entire organization that mimics real-world attacks to build skills to prevent human error. Learners role-play as hackers penetrating systems through phishing, exploiting vulnerabilities, and installing ransomware. This virtual experience teaches reconnaissance, spear phishing, system exploitation, and mitigation, unlike any other program. HackOps transforms mundane security awareness into extraordinary, skill-building training to make workers cyber-smart so the organization doesn’t become the next victim of a data breach and ransomware. 

 Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How 74% of data breaches are caused by human error
  • How hackers are exploiting human errors in recent cases
  • How HackOps simulates actual hacker behaviors and techniques
  • The immersive VR experience that imparts cybersecurity skills
  • How it strengthens the "human firewall" against cyber threats

1:00 PM EST

Benefit Cosmetics Pore Care University—an Interactive Digital Handbook for Sales Training

Nina Quintero, Global Education Manager of Benefit Cosmetics & Jaime McDonald, EVP of Customer Success at ELB Learning

Benefit Cosmetics needed to train both an internal sales team and retailers for the launch of six new products and three new services. The luxury beauty company wanted the content presented in an interactive and engaging way to ensure the knowledge would stick. They also wanted a training modality that was easy to use and accessible to all. Join Jaime McDonald, EVP of Customer Success, ELB Learning, and Nina Quintero Global Education Manager at Benefit Cosmetics as they present their innovative approach to this training challenge. They’ll discuss how, with the use of a virtual set design, and 3D camera tracking using Unreal Engine they crafted lessons that include in-store demo tutorials from set-up to service, video walkthroughs, and a step-by-step reference guide- all housed in an interactive digital handbook!


  • How to use video to create interactive, immersive, and engaging training
  • Ways to organize a large amount of training content in a fun and unique way
  • Key metrics to measure success and training effectiveness