John Blackmon is Presenting at Cognition22: Experience the Business of Learning

Join Thought Industries online October 4-6, 2022 for the biggest and best COGNITION conference yet. Participate in three days of inspiring, thought-provoking sessions with leading industry experts in customer, partner, and professional training from the comfort of your own home. Regardless of your program's maturity, COGNITION is here to help you on your Journey to Excellence.

Our very own John Blackmon will be presenting "How VR is Helping Solve a $30B Problem":

Did you know that every 6 seconds an underground facility, like gas pipelines, and electrical and fiber optic lines, are damaged by someone digging? $30 Billion is the estimated annual societal cost of damages to buried utilities in the U.S. That cost is paid by the taxpayer (AKA you and me) every year.

The $30 billion estimate accounts for direct costs (facility repair) and indirect costs (property damage, medical bills, businesses unable to operate, etc.). Join us to find out how we’re tackling this issue with VR.

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Discussion (2)

How about DevLearn (which I'm attending)?

Yes, he will be presenting at DevLearn at the VR summit and will also be at DemoFest.