I need help with coding checkmark for completing a topic on a page.

I have a course that I've set up like a dashboard.

On the page there are multiple topics for a user to complete.

As they complete a topic (assignment) the user would click on a box to show a checkmark that they completed that topic.

What is happening, when you leave that page and return back, the checkmark disappears. I want the checkmark to stay on the page. As the users may not complete all items and will return to the dashboard. In LMS we would program to continue where you left off, but we would want the checkmark to stay for the items that has been completed. What would be the variables/actions I need to take to keep these checkmarks. I'm using Online Lectora.

Thanks Helen

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There's a section for Lectora Online related question. People may find it easier when you post over there.

The checkbox should have a property "Retain value". When checked the state of the checkbox is saved in the LMS.