how do I make the asset libray the default when I click on tools

before v21, when I clicked on tools it went directly to the asset library - I liked that. in v21 it goes to the template library. I don't want that. Is there a way to make it go to the asset library again?

Also, since I couldn't navigate to the asset library from within the program I went to the website and opened the asset library. A very circuitous route I might add. I added several stock photos to "my favorites" Now I can't figure out how to access "my favorites"


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ok I figued out that there is a link to the stock asset library in the drop down under Insert-Image.

still don't know how to access the pics I put in "My Favorites" thought.

You figured it out faster than we could respond! :-)

Sorry there's no way to access Favorites in Lectora Tools, but I've let our Product Manager know, and he's adding it to the list of user requests! You can also add this suggestion to the Lectora Feature Requests discussion.

@Aoswold...were you wanting to get to the Favorites from within Lectora or from the ELB Learning Asset Library website?