Does anyone have experience with Lectora and the Surge Learning System LMS?

Hello everybody. I am hoping someone can help me with Surge learning LMS or with my issue in general. When i publish to scorm (both 1.2 and 2004) and upload, it works fine to the end but if i close part way through and then return to try and continue where i left off, i receive the following errors in order:

Note: "Privacy" is the name of the module.

"LMSSetValue ERROR: cmi.core.lesson_location to [a001_privacy_page_1.html]"

then when i click "Ok" i get another:

"Unable to find an API adapter"


"Unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation. LMSInitialize was not successful"

then finally:

"Unable to find an API adapter"

I have never ran into this issue before with any other LMS.

I tried checking and un-checking "Prompt the user to navigate to the last viewed page".

Thank you in advance.

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This thread from 2013 has some suggestions.

The most common (and good) advice is to test in a free SCORM Cloud account ( If it works there, it's reasonable to assume the problem is with the LMS.