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11:00 AM EST

Transforming the Business Landscape: The Power of Augmented Enterprises and Intelligence Agents

Michael Hruska, President of Problem Solutions

In this session, we’ll dive into the transformational potential of AI in reshaping the business landscape. Discover how augmented enterprises, with the aid of intelligent agents, are not just automating tasks, but actively enhancing operations, driving innovation, and sharpening decision-making. Join us to harness the power of intelligent systems to navigate complexities and redefine the boundaries of human capability.


  • Learn what an Augmented Enterprise is
  • Understand how we evolve into an AE
  • Discover what intelligent agents can do

12:00 PM EST

Innovative Transformation: How Goodwill’s Tech-Infused Learning Spurred Culture Evolution

Valeria Ocaña-Ogushi, Learning Technology and Innovation Manager at Goodwill Industries International

Learn how learning technology enhances Goodwill’s mission by providing scalable, personalized, and effective methods to equip individuals with skills for challenges, professional growth, and employment. Discover how technology creates flexible, accessible, engaging learning for organizations while aligning with community service and personal growth. Explore real-world insights into the impact of tech-enabled learning culture at Goodwill. See how data-driven decisions improve training, drive employee development, and expand community reach. Join this session to understand leveraging learning technology for transformative learning and business outcomes.


  • Empowerment and Skill Development
  • Data-Driven Improvement
  • Enhanced accessibility and flexibility of training and educational programs
  • Strategies for successful technology integration in organizational learning

1:00 PM EST

0 to Hero in the IDOL World: Professional Development Through Deliberate Practice

Dr. Robin Sargent, Founder, Owner, and President of IDOL courses, IDOL Academy, and IDOL Talent 

Ready to enhance your learning process and maximize the value of practice? Delve into the transformative realm of deliberate practice! Our presentation, "The Power of Deliberate Practice in Learning," explores this scientifically-backed method. It's accessible to everyone, helping unlock potential and achieve goals faster. Deliberate practice involves setting goals, seeking feedback, and focusing on technique. Embrace challenges for growth. I'll provide practical tips for incorporating deliberate practice into your routine. Join us and unlock your potential! Let's make every practice count!

  • Learn how to incorporate deliberate practice into your learning designs
  • Learn about the tools I use
  • Learn why people like Bill Gates and Serena Williams use deliberate practice