Accessibility Smackdown: Storyline, Captivate & Lectora Go Head-to-Head

If you aren’t tasked with creating accessible courses already, expect it! When 1 in 4 learners self-identifies as an adult with functional disabilities (according to the CDC), creating Section 508 and WCAG-compliant courses is in demand.

So how do you build an accessible yet engaging and interactive course with utmost efficiency? It depends on the tool you use! Storyline, Captivate, and Lectora are all great authoring tools that support Section 508 and WCAG requirements - but operate very differently. What are the advantages and shortcomings of each tool?

Join two superstar learning solutions engineers, Josh Bleggi, and Domenic Caloia, from ELB Learning on March 29th. They are familiar with all three tools - including how they handle accessibility! Want to see a hands-on look and how-to comparison? Join us to look under the hood at the ultimate authoring tool accessibility match-up!