Welcome to The New Community!

Thank you for being here!

We know you're wondering, "Why did ELB Learning create a new Community?"

Can we be brutally honest with you?

1) Our former solution had limitations that would not allow us to make the changes/advances we would like to make in the future.

2) We have brought our Community in-house, making changes/upgrades easier and faster.

3) We are making your data more secure by bringing it in-house.

We are all a work in progress, as is our Community. We hope you will be generous with your suggestions and patient with us as we walk this path together. Feel free to add your suggested improvements below!

Discussion (6)

It is not as user friendly as the old site, its more difficult to read and it doesn't look like anyone is posting. I've posted a couple of things and they seem to have just disappeared. The paging numbers only display after searching.

Thank you for the feedback. We're working on the look and feel. Promise. ;-)

Like others I'm struggling with the new interface but I assume we'll all "get used to it" in the coming weeks. I liked how the old version displayed the unread messages in bold so we would know where we left off last time.

Also I was disappointed that I didn't get a chance to modify my username for the new platform. I would prefer to be a bit more incognito. 😏

As most users...i donot like the new look and feel of the community. It should be looking good. Tons of examples of better forums. And now i want to post something to help another user with an added package of the project... and i cannot add attachments in anyway. That really is no good. Please do add some functionality to add packages.

Thank you for your feedback! Regarding file attachments, we are trying to work on a system for it. Overall, we are working hard to continuously improve the Community, so feel free to leave any other suggestions!

Trying to work on a system for it ? Oh my, all commercial and a lot of opensource tools for this have that by default. Come on. You are killing the community like this. I love Lectora, but i really dislike the lacks of the new forum. Even discord is better.