Video stalling

Looking for some help.

I have a scorm 1.2 published course. It has 4 separate video clips anywhere from 5-10 minutes long. At different times and on different videos, the video stalls. For some employees (200 or so), not for other employees (1,300 successful completions) then they receive this error message.

I have confirmed that they are leaving the LMS calling window open. They are not closing out of the LMS while the course is running.

Is this a Lectora issue or is this a LMS issue? Or even the company's internet connection? LMS support says its a browser issue but I've confirmed they are on the most current version of Edge.

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The error says that the course fails to connect to the LMS. LMSGetValue is a command to retrieve a variable from the LMS, which is not successful, (due to the missing connection).

It might be the internet connection or an automatic logout of the LMS when the user is inactive too long (while watching the video).

Hey Jenny!

Sounds like Tim hit the nail on the head. I would most likely guess its an internet connection issue because of the order of issues: The video buffers, because its not getting data, and then the communication error pops up because the course is trying to talk to the LMS, and not getting any response. I would bet if you had a user that sees this problem bring up the network tab of the browser's debugger, they would see a lot of red errors from traffic not going through.

It sounds like the course is opening in it's own window and the connection is being lost to the parent window. This may happen if the course browser window is refreshed (F5) or it may be caused by browser settings or some type of browser plugin, such as security software.

Are you able to determine the internet browser or device the failures occur on? Maybe there is a pattern there? Have the customer try a different browser, Chrome instead of Edge? Maybe try the course in incognito/private mode and see if it works, that may be a workaround for those experiencing the issue.

Some older versions of Lectora Desktop v18.??? had an issue not being able to find the API adapter in some cases but that should not be the case with v21.

Additionally recently fixed an issue (fixed in Lectora Desktop v21.5) where video uses up / does not close video connections when switching pages. You might want to get the latest updates and republish.