Trouble playing soundfx in scene?

Anyone else have trouble with soundfx not always playing?

I have two right and wrong mp3 audio files. My scene has 4 hotspots, 2 right, 2 wrong. When a hotspot is clicked it plays the relevant sound fx.

The problem is, its not consistently playing the soundfx. Sometimes it plays, click in a different order and it doesn't play. Should I be stopping all soundfx before playing a new one?

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I've created a support ticket, I'll post up any relevant information/findings.

What it could be is that the sound is actually still playing when another action comes through to play it again. A play action on a sound that is currently playing does nothing. Generally this happens when there is a large "blank" space at the end of the sound, you think the sound is done playing, but it is actually still playing the silence

I had the same issue. On Preview, everything works. Although I cropped the sounds they sometimes play and sometimes don't. I still have not found a way round it.

Should there be any difference between using the inbuilt hotspot sound or a hotspot using an action to play a sound?

I'm also wondering if its because I have so many actions applied to one hotspot (but Play audio is the first in the list).

CVR support say they have resolved the audio issue. did you want to verify its fixed your end?

I've rebuilt a simple click show/play audio using both inbuilt sounds and play actions. Works fine in a web browser but in the CVR app on a Lenovo tabE10 tablet the inbuilt sounds don't play.

Using inbuilt soundfx, they get cropped at the end when clicked. Using the Play action, they play ok.