Trailing or Leading spaces?

Receiving this error when trying to upload. I checked the course id and the course title but there are no trailing or leading spaces found (below) Anyone else come into contact with this before?

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Check your project level name too - not just publish settings.

Taking the error message from the LMS literally, it looks like it has a space at the end of the title "(Recognizing Haz_Recognizing )" between the "ing" and the closing parenthesis.

I just checked the project level name to be sure & I had no leading or trailing spaces there either. I do notice the project level name is different from the course id and course title. Is that ok?

On the note of

, it may be that your project names are too long too.

I think you might need to unzip the SCORM archive (zip file), look into the ims_manifest.xml file and see if you can find out what ID it is complaining about. It might be easier to identify where to change it then.