The Return of the In-Person User Conference?

We've heard requests from some avid Lectora fans to bring back the Lectora User Conference (LUC). We hear you. But we want to do it right.

We've grown a ton since the Trivantis days and have many more products. So, we'd like to know what you'd be willing to participate in.

Please read each option closely, as we have a bunch of them for you below. We look forward to your response!

Discussion (9)

I'd like to see ELB provide the same level of dedication to Lectora that Trivantis offered.

Agree with Carl...if it could tie into another conference like Adobe & Articulate does it might make it easier/cost friendly for all involved!

I think it's important to have some type of user meeting/conference on Lectora and the other ELB products!

I have clients considering a move away from Lectora because they think the product is dying.

Time to breath a little life into the community.

Consider adding Branch Track to the mix for those of us that would like to use the product to develop Short Sims.

I totally agree with you! It seems like we used to have a lot of Lectora education at our fingertips and the conferences were great for users to attend. Now it seems as if we don't have much available to us.

Yes would be greate to have LUC again. My focus is Lectora, but have interest in all products. No preference on being close to other conferences, but would make sense.

I voted for only Lectora above, but after thinking a bit, I would love a conference to include other products like Camtasia.

Thought: you could do it as a pre-conference item at DevLearn. For at least some people (me), it would be easier to justify the trip if it included lots of other things, not just ELB. I might mention that Adobe does exactly what I'm describing.

I would love to see the LUC come back. A heavy focus on Lectora, but please include other products too!!! Many thanks!!!

We have been using Lectora exclusively, but as mentioned above, my supervisor has asked me to start researching other programs, as she also feels Lectora is not as high on the list as it used to be.