Text-to-Speech files appearing in Downloads folder?

I've noticed that when generating TTS files and/or VTT text to go with it, a copy of the file appears in my Downloads folder in addition to the "media" folder for the course. Where are these files coming from? I thought I was generating this information solely within the authoring tool itself.

Note: I did check my browser's "downloads" tab and did not see anything there, so I'm wondering if Lectora is just copying the file to the Downloads folder for some weird reason.

Since Lectora generates a new file is generated even when editing a TTS file, it seems like unnecessary duplication to have to delete multiple copies of a file from multiple locations.

Discussion (1)

Lectora uses the online service Amazon Polly to generate an audio file from text, and it first downloads the mp3 file which goes into the download folder. And then it gets copied to the project media folder.