Test auto assign fail in LMS

Hi! I am trying to figure out if there is a way to auto reassign when a student fails a test when using a scorm. Any help is appreciated, thank you! 

I have created a test in lectora then published it to HealthStream via scorm. When I assign the test I use the option to automatically reassign the course if the student fails. when the student fails it doesn't reassign.

I am wondering if i am missing a setting or something. I have done the following

  • Add a test to your course and make sure the Test Results property "Grade the test" is selected. Lectora will set the variable AICC_Score to the grade of the test.
  • Add an action to the course that sets the variable AICC_Lesson_Status. Most LMS like "completed" as the value.  
  • When i go to publish i have checks the box the published course will report test/survey questions interaction to the LMS


Try setting the AICC_Lesson_Status to "failed" if the student fails the test.

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Try setting the AICC_Lesson_Status to "failed" if the student fails the test.

I dont think there is anything you can build in Lectora, that would control the behavior in HealthStream... The publish settings let you control what information is sent from the module into the Learning Management System (HealthStream) but as far as conditional logic, that if someone fails, they need to re-enroll not sure if that can be done automatically.

We have a HealthStream administrator who can run a report to see who failed and you can do remediation from there. Good luck in your troubleshooting!