Sort Audio by Length

Is there a way to sort audio assets by length or see the duration of each clip while scrolling? This would be very helpful when searching for clips.

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Hi Sidnman1,

If you're referring to the Stock Audio files within the Asset Library site


with our current integration for the audio files, this isn't a feature that is available. This is a great suggestion, however. I will be happy to send this feedback to our product team to evaluate and see what can be done. I cannot guarantee if/when it'll be addressed, but it's definitely worth bringing up.

In the meantime, you can see the duration of the audio files by opening their specific download pages. I personally like to open each asset in a new tab

(clicking on the middle mouse button can open links in new tabs if you are using a mouse)

so I can easily view/close the tabs as needed while keeping my position in the search results.


Have you considered adding the length of each clip to the end or front of the clip name?