Shopify Integration Stalled

Hello! I need some help.

I am trying to integrate Shopify, but upon giving it the Shopify storefront url, it stalls at "Integrating with Shoppify..."

The KnowledgeLinkTV thingy shows up on the Apps on shopify, but I can't seem to get the URL to give users in their confirmation emails.


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Hi jennacreynolds,

Reviewing this post, I did notice that a support ticket was created to help identify what was happening and our amazing RLP support staff was able to help sort it out.

Putting the answer publicly in this post in case any other members would find it useful, the issue seemed to have been the URL itself where the first attempt was using "". However, the URL should instead contain "" in order to integrate correctly.

From there you will need to paste this URL into your order confirmation email that goes out from Shopify. This is what your users will click on to create an account in your Rockstar Learning Platform after they purchase. Fill in xxxx with your Rockstar Learning Platform URL:

You can find this URL in your Rockstar Learning Platform admin Settings -> Integrations -> Shopify tab.

Thank you for your question and hopefully this helps out.