Sharing content on ReviewLink with team members


I work as part of a small team, all of whom have Lectora accounts. We have created several courses, and are seeking to have them reviewed by our SMEs. I have uploaded the courses to ReviewLink, but are encountering the following issues:

The other people on my team are not receiving the emails with links generated by ReviewLink that the SMEs are, even though I have listed their emails as Reviewers for the content. Both my team and the SMEs work for the same organization, and have the same email addresses. The only reason I can think for them not receiving the emails is because they hold Lectora accounts themselves.

So they're not receiving the emails, but also when they log into ReviewLink on their own laptops, they can't see the content that I have uploaded. Is there a way for them to see the content on ReviewLink themselves, as I cannot find a way to do that on the ReviewLink page.

Further, both the "Information Centre" and "Contact Support" links on the page appear to be broken.

and I know that the first error at least was flagged in September last year, as it's highlighted in the most recent post below this one.

Any help resolving these issues is appreciated.

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Edit (because you can't seem to edit your posts here):

With regards to 2 above, my team can now see the content, but one of us is unable to see any comments that have been left, while everyone else can. When he leaves a comment himself, it just seems to vanish for him. Each piece of content appears to him to have 0 Comments.