Set Time, then Play

Hi All!

I was excited to see the addition of the "Set Time" function in the action menu, thinking it would let me dump the plethora of JavaScript I'd had to use in earlier versions.

However, I've run into an issue I simply cannot sort out. The scenario:

I created an audio file where there is a pause at the end of multiple sections. I've added these as events in the audio. On the screen are buttons that need to set the time, then resume playing the audio file at the new time (if the audio was started, otherwise jump to the new time). The play action is set on a 0.2 delay. However, there are mixed results.

In all cases, the set time works. It's the "Play" that's gets all wonky - In some cases, play works (i.e. the first three buttons in this sample), but other buttons do not. With the buttons that do not, manually using play doesn't work right - you have to hit play multiple times, as it pauses again immediately.

This has been the case with both multiple set time/play buttons, including one where it was just one button. I'm completely stumped, as I've tried changing the order of the actions, moving the set time into the events (though this would defeat the purpose, since the set time won't happen until the audio reaches the pause time.)


Discussion (2)

Update - the "resume play" seems to work more reliably with the delay set to 0.5, so there's that. The ability to start playing manually after a set time remains spotty at best.

When publishing with debug options you can see that the audio events [pause] are running after the play action. The set time action triggers the audio events when it advances the time past them. That is why if you put a delay on play sometimes it works. It would be nice if the set time action had an option to skip the firing of sync events.

One possible solution is to run an action group by using an action on the page triggered by a timer. In the action group do a GetTime action and then do pause actions conditionally based on the audio time. That way the set time action will not trigger the pause actions.

There may be better solutions or other product suggestions, but these are my first thoughts.