SCORM Completion Status

Hi Folks,

I have a couple courses developed in Lectora that I'm now trying to host on an LMS called LearnPro. The courses run ok, but LearnPro never sees them as complete.

I'm publishing in SCORM 2004 and the final exit button sets the following variables via an Action Group:

AICC_Lesson_Status = completed

CMI_Completion_Status = completed

AICC_Score = 100 (Everyone gets 100 if they make it to the end)

The last thing the exit button does is go to web address javascript:top.window.close(), because the normal Exit doesn't work on LearnPro.

I'm a bit concerned about the variable names, because they seem to differ depending where one looks.

For example, in Lectora, CMI_Completion_Status uses underscores, but everything I can find on the web indicates that the SCORM 2004 standard is cmi.completion.status (dots instead of underscores). To further muddy the water, LearnPro says they are looking for cmi.completion_status (one of each!).

I tried making a new variable called cmi.completion_status, but Lectora won't allow me to create a variable with a dot in it.

LearnPro's initial suggestion is to use something other than Lectora, claiming that it causes problems. I'd prefer not to recreate these courses in another app!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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