Running/Editing Lectora Desktop from OneDrive

We are migrating to using Microsoft OneDrive. Are there any issues with working with Lectora files from a location on OneDrive, or is it recommended to work on your local computer?

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OneDrive lets you sync files to your local system, so you're working with local files, but they are still always backed up and shareable. Sync is most certainly not perfect, but when it works it does handle this situation well.

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. Good information. I've been testing it out and so far the only issue I've run into is publishing to HTML. As long as convert page names to short ID-based names is selected, there's not a problem, but ran into issues with errors creating a files if the html name was too long, which I didn't have when publishing directly to the local drive.

That is a very frustrating bug in Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint. My own team has just restricted file name length--Microsoft is not that good at listening to customers, unfortunately.

, I agree - these long name issues are a thorn in my side at times as the creators of software like Lectora and Unity have long file names that make filename + folder paths ultra long. Frustration but I am sure it is something to do with the stuff above my knowledge set.

- tbh, I always publish to page IDs. Unsure if there is ever a value to publishing the names as they are sooooo fricken long. Mind you, I am publishing in EN and FR, so the page titles sometimes have non-standard characters so it automatically adjusts to page IDs in FR.

We use Team Foundation Server (TFS) with GIT. It works really nicely as the files are stored on our local computer and provides backup options, allowing us to revert to the last checked in. I think the only issue you'll run into is that if two users open the file or do something like that. That is our largest problem.

For SCORM, we always use the page IDs, too, but there are times I just do a quick HTML publish to check some pages. In that case, I usually just use whatever the default publishing settings are, since it's not a production build. Not a huge deal, but it could be in the long run.

brought up restricting file name length. Folder length for organizing the files would also be a good practice for this, I think, at least in our case.