Project Showcase: How Fendi Reduced In-Store Theft with Immersive Mobile Learning

We have an awesome customer example to share with you today! This mobile learning course produced for Fendi by our partner Video Interactive won a Gold Award for Best Use of Video for Learning from Brandon Hall Group.

Because of the high retail value of Fendi's products, reducing theft in a meaningful way has a significant impact on the bottom line.

Sales associates are often standing around the sales floor with their smartphones. This course allowed them to familiarize themselves with risks in their environment.

The mobile course was designed so learners could not progress until demonstrating (through click behavior) an understanding of the completed topic. For example, they had to correctly identify a series of theft risks that were dotted around the store. This made learning simple, removed completion barriers, and ensured comprehension was tracked.

Immersive modules created in CenarioVR were inserted into a Lectora Online course. The 360° videos made provided a life-like, realistic environment. CenarioVR made developing the interactions extremely easy.


  • To date,1,460 have completed the course.

  • Designed specifically for mobile, the course resulted in a 55% reduction in losses from shoplifting and a corresponding 400% ROI.

  • This ROI is based on the production, translation into 11 languages, and worldwide deployment of all 9 modules in the course.

See a clip of this course here.