Problems with opacity and drag items on VR headsets

In several scenario's we use 2D photos in a scene where the user has to pick objects on these photos in a specific order. To help the user with this task, we place clickable icons next to these objects and once an icon is clicked, it is disabled and the opacity goes down to 40%. This way, the user knows that they clicked a valid (as in: in the right order) object and they can clearly see which objects they can still choose from. 

The problem with this however, is that the change of opacity does not work when the scene is viewed on a VR headset. When I choose a different effect, for instance Spin Y-axis, the effect is shown correctly. So, it seems opacity changes not showing on VR headsets is a bug. 

Another think that goes wrong only on a headset: drag items are flipped/mirrored once they are dropped on a drop spot. This is really annoying, since it will look weird when using a non-symmetrical image, especially if it has text on it. Only when you use symmetric icons, like the up arrow for instance, it doesn't show (but it is still flipped). This problem occurs regardless of any effects or actions placed on the drag item or drop spot.

See attachment for examples. Can you please fix these issues? Thanks!!

ps: we use Oculus Go and Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

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@MRG - Pleased submit this as a support ticket. Send an email to, describing the issue. A support manager should contact within 90 minutes or so to start helping you resolve the problem.