Page numbering in a survey with multiple sections

I'm building a survey that has 3 sections. On each page I have a text field that should display the page count for that particular section. It all looks perfect when I preview in Lectora but when I view it on my LMS after publishing the page numbering is all messed up.

In the picture below I expect to be seeing the sequence: "Page 1 of 10", "Page 2 of 10", etc

Has anyone ever seen this happen before? Is it possible that the Lectora publish doesn't know how to handle page numbering in a survey with multiple sections?


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My first thought would be, "What version of Lectora are you using?" My second would be, "What about when you publish to HTML locally and preview it?"



I tried to recreate your issue. I have a survey, 3 sections and 2 or more pages in each section. On each page of my section I have a text block that contains just:

VAR(CurrentSectionName): Page VAR(PageInSection) of VAR(PagesInSection)

I see the correct info in Run View, HTML publish and when published to scorm cloud. I'm not sure if something else in your project may be causing an issue, but if you'd supply a zipped copy I'll be happy to look at it. Below is what I have:

Apologies if this is too obvious, but do you have randomization in this section, or are you inheriting some actions for page numbering to a randomized section?


My screen capture shows exactly how I was getting it to work. On page show I changed my string to this:

I didn't turn on debug but I can see in the HTML that those values are hard coded by the publish. I'm pretty sure it's a bug.

Honestly this wasn't worth my effort to resolve - I just cheated a little bit to get my page numbering to look good. It works now and I've moved on to my next project.


How precisely are you getting that "Page x of y" to display? Built-in variables? If you run the course with debug enabled, are those variables set to the right values?

So it did. To be honest, my eyes tend to skip over reverse video.

Nope, nothing random at all in the entire project.

I've found a workaround that works for now. It looks like Lectora doesn't play nice with Surveys that are broken into multiple sections so it's been flattened and we're just using manually setting the page numbers now.


That's good to know that it worked for you. Now you have me thinking there may have been a problem with the awt file. I used an older survey as my starting point to save time. Perhaps this problem wouldn't have happened if I started from scratch! I'll absolutely do that next time.

Glad it isn't a bug in Lectora.

I appreciate your offer to look at the project but honestly we've already put it behind us. We got it working the way we want using an alternate method and it's being released shortly. Now we have moved on to other priorities.

Running Lectora Desktop 21.4.

Thanks for the suggestion of trying to publish as HTML. Unfortunately it does the same thing.