Package not working in html but working fine in test or when published as an exe.


I have built a calculator that relies heavily on variables (both user input variables and calculation variables). The calculation variables are then used in the body of the text or as an if/else expression when changing contents of a text box.

Everything works perfectly well when I am in the testing environment (including browser mode). The same applies when I publish as an executable.

However when I publish in HTML I get some very weird results. For instance, when you first go in your asked for some data. User Input A is divided by User Input B in a new variable C. Later on in the package, the variable containing the text string calls for VAR(C) but it is returning the contents of VAR(B) instead.

Any ideas?

Andy Cope

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Where is your published course stored?


Thanks for replying

It is stored on the server that contains our social learning platform, along with all our other packages.

Try publishing with the debug option turned on. Maybe that will give some insight.

Also, I have a paper on my website of over 40 differences between Run/Preview modes and html. and search for "differences"

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