Offline SCORM Package Tester

Hi - does anyone know of any standalone products similar to the SCORM Cloud for testing their products locally with no outward calls?

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Depending on your environment ... you can buy an actual Linux-capable mini-pc that will fit in your coat pocket for $100 from NewEgg or somewhere, install Moodle, and (if you have ethernet ports) just connect directly to that on a private two-node wired network. It gives you a great simulation of connecting to an LMS over a network, without any possible security risk (both systems can be disconnected from the internet or even the LAN while you test.)

It all depends on your comfort level. I personally might create a VirtualBox (or other) virtual system to install the LMS in, and emulate a network connection.

Of course, my own employer's security policies would not let me do either of those things, but if you're an independent consultant it might be possible.

I'm guessing publishing to HTML and just running from the index.html file doesn't do what you are looking for?

Dang dang... That's what i suspected. I may have to run it on a USB or something. Will see what happens. Thx for that.

Haha - very good idea(s)! I laugh because, I do run a side hustle where I do have Unraid running in my basement on a very powerful computer with Dockerized Moodle/SqlServer....

I never thought of the idea of doing a 2-node network, but I should definitely investigate that idea.


for your ideas!!

I think you'd have to run an actual LMS instance on your local computer, e. g. Moodle.

Wish it was... I need to confirm that my module(s) are reporting correctly or if the problem lies with my LMS. I typically know the answer, but need evidence.