New clips not being created in CenarioVR

Hi. Has anybody had issues with Clips not being created in CenarioVR?

I have a total of 40 clips created in my scenario and can't seem to be able to create any new ones. The feedback message is 'It has been Created' but there is no clip. Usually the newly created clip would be highlighted, it is not happening anymore.

I hope someone from client support sees this message as I have had a ton of unresolved issues this week!

Discussion (2)

I have about 60 clips in my resource library and create new clips all of the time. Is it perhaps that you just need to scroll down the list to see the newly created clip? It doesn't auto-scroll to the selected clip, but it is there and highlighted.

Thanks. I am aware of it. Yes, they used to show up - the last one created was highlighted. Definitely scrolling to the bottom of the page and there is nothing. They only appear when I delete some other clips.