Navigate to Last Viewed Page fails

Hi community,

I have an issue with the Navigate to Last Viewed Page prompt:

It seems as if the published WBT remembers the last page viewed and prompt gets displayed. However, if I try to navigate to the last page viewed, it only partly redirects to the new page. Some items of the first page/start page stay on the screen and get overlayed by some items of the last page viewed.

Users get stuck here because functionality gets broken. Meaning not links/button work after this. Theonly solution is to reload the page and cancel the navigate to last page prompt.

Furthermore I am strugglich that it also redirects to the last page inside a quiz, instead of redirecting to the quiz start page.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I am on v21.4.1

Discussion (1)

The first issue sounds like the course is crashing. If a page has some objects from the previous page and some from the new page, and more importantly, if some buttons stop working, you've probably experienced a crash. Open your browser's developer tools and check the Console tab for red errors. The first errors on the list are the important ones. There might be a corrupt object in your course. 

The second issue sounds like the way it is supposed to work IF that last page inside a quiz was the last page visited. If you want the Learner to go to the start of the quiz, why not use the Go To Page action and choose the quiz object as the target?