Moving Matching Question Lines to the Background

Attached is a title which is an example of how to move the matching lines in a matching question to the background. The lines are by default on top of everything and with some course designs this causes a problem. The workaround provided here will only work for after a title is published. The example is provided as a Lectora Online title. Not sure if this same code would work for desktop, but in theory it should. You can import this package file into Lectora Online or Lectora Desktop.

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I'm a Lectora Online user. I have a TOC in my course. When the TOC appears on a page having a matching question, the matching lines overlap the TOC. I've selected the "Always on Top" property for the TOC, but it doesn't help.

I would like to try your solution. Could you please share the example / sample Lectora file?



Hi! Sorry I did not see this before now.

Add a Run JavaScript action to the page that is triggered by a timer which contains this JavaScript:




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