Misaligned Images in Buttons


Is anyone else having issues with misaligned images in buttons? The images look fine in Lectora, but when I go to preview them in a browser or in Lectora's preview function, they are misaligned; almost on top of the button border. It doesn't matter which browser I use, it does the same for all of them. I have attached a picture for reference. I am running the latest version of Lectora 21.5.1 and ensured my system is up-to-date.

In Browser:

In Lectora:

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@tlfancher I was able to recreate this, but was seeing the same behavior in 21.0.1

Did this work correctly for you in a previous version? If so, which one?

I will be opening a ticket on this. Can you also zip up your project folder so we can use your buttons and images to help verify any fix?

I honestly don't know if this same thing was happening in previous versions or not. I can zip up my project, but its a fairly large one and is not complete yet. I would also have to get permission to give it to you since this is proprietary to the Fed. Gov. Where can I send it if I do get permission? Also of note, I am using one of the eLearning Brothers themes, but I was able recreate this issue with a blank project.

Also, it doesn't seem to matter if I add the button as an "image button" or a "text button," it does the same for both.

Which theme were you using? Did the buttons have borders or did you add them?

It is Rowan theme and I added the border under the outline weight for the button. 5 pt.

Thanks for the info!