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Hello all -

We're having severe network issues right now, and we are a bit a of a loss where to turn our heads. I know there is a problem with our IT Infrastructure (national network across 90 locations), but I have no way of catching the problem in the act or recreating it, so I am hoping that some smarter people will be able help me out.

I believe there is a digital disconnection or handshake break occurring as the module is being taken, where the data is not being communicated back to the LMS/DB. I have no idea where this break is happening or how it is happening, but I am thinking a popup that would happen when the user is taking it with a bunch of error data for us to act on. Is there any errors or reporting functionality that happens in the backend that I could display when this stuff happens?

This may be a request for help from some more senior/advanced people, but I am open minded.

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I've dealt with a similar issue, and it did seemingly relate to lack of stable network connections. We (the company, not me personally!) did a huge number of network upgrades and the problem went away. I do wish it was easier to reconnect cleanly, but SCORM connections don't seem to do it.

Quick update. We've had our IT department on the trail and all reporting mechanisms online. We were able to catch it occurring right when it happened and we are continuing to catch it. It is definitely an issue with the LMS and the DB calls it is making. We're going back to the vendor on this one as its significant.

Andrew, are you able to publish to xAPI? That would be one way to add some debug logging that the user would not see. You could add statements at the project level to track a user opening a page, clicking the Next button, etc.

You could then add xAPI statements at the page level in any areas that you feel there are issues.

Unfortunately, as you know, all web software really needs a stable network and Internet connection.

At the most basic level, you could turn on the built-in debugging in Lectora. One level harder: turn on the browser console and monitor comms between your module and the LMS. One level harder: have the LMS admin check the logs. (I've only met one LMS admin in my career who actually knew how to read the logs. Note that I have been an LMS admin.)

All very plausible ideas... but the issue happens sporadically.

Option 1: Lectora Debugging -

Since this is happening sporadically, I am wishing to keep this hidden from the user at all costs. I typically use this when debugging my development.

Option 2: Developer Window/Tools -

I use this constantly as well; however, we've also disabled the option for the users to hit F12 or show the Dev Tools as these are managed workstations (end user specific with limited functionality).

Option 3: LMS Logs -

We pass these along to the vendor all the time.

We've got our IT Department on high alert now grabbing logs, etc. so will report back when I have something

Great thanks

for the idea. We sadly don't have an LRS configured at the moment and are only running a SCORM 1.2 compliant system.

I totally agree with you on your statements about stability requirements.

We have been able to coble together with 0 screenshots an idea of what is occurring and how it is manifesting or displaying itself; however, it is ever so sporadic that when our IT Department focuses on one site, it jumps to another and then another... We do have our major test day coming up on Tuesday across the country so we'll watch what happens then when they have all the reporting/monitoring systems turned on.