Lectora - Responsive Design - RCD Overrides

I have reviewed the following resources:

RCD Overrides Customizing Views - YouTube

Best Practices for Responsive Course Design (RCD) (elblearning.com)

And have started to convert a non-responsive course to a responsive course.

I was able to move buttons to a position, and then adjust its related text box.

As I ran out of room, I need to move text and a button to the bottom of the page. I am unable to do this. Their overrides are not changing colour. Please see pic.

Could the problem be that this is part of grouped content? Almost all of my content is grouped to make it easy for me to find content and edit.

Follow-up - Actually most of the content on this page I can not reposition. There are no options for Coordinate and Width/ Height overrides.

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Follow-up to original post

I was able to work through the first page, and was able to move or resize most items except what you see below.

At the bottom of the first image there is also a hidden text box for the agreement that I am unable to move.

The page is expanding on its own.

Update 2

This morning I tried again. I was able to fix the upper part of my page. The overrides appeared for the text box on the Smartphone-Landscape after I adjusted the layout on the desktop... As if something was unlocked. I could not replicate this for the content at the bottom of the screen.

Steps I used and the correct image below.

Ignore the copyright date issue it is separate to layout and posted to a different discussion




Update 3

Text Box

I just discovered on another page that if you double click into the text box it unlocks the override for W and H. Unfortunately, it does not unlock the x and y axis which is what I also need.


Trick above does not work for a shape button.


can you prove a sample of your project? I tried to reproduce this but I can resize objects in my group in the lower views. I can also move them, which moves all objects in the group.