Lectora Preferences Error

I have run into this issue on occasion, but now it seems to be constant.

I was checking the auto-update settings in Lectora Preferences so I could update to 21.4. Not only am I unable to connect to the site to get the update, when I switch to any other preference setting I receive the error shown in the attached screenshot.

Is anyone else running into this issue? I'm hoping 21.4 would fix it....if I could only get there....

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Can you try this in its place?


Maybe do a SEARCH on your C Drive for an mspaint.exe to see if it was moved elsewhere.

Yea. That looks like a non-standard location you have there.

I'd suggest opening a ticket or feature request in the appropriate sub-group, asking to make these items all optional or at least a warning saying which one is not present.

I managed to find it and the error message has disappeared after entering this path: C:\Users\MZ0M93\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\mspaint.exe

Go figure...

now if I can just get the update feature to work...

I think you hit the nail on the head about MSPaint....

Sadly, I don't have another image editor to point the preferences to, and removing the existing shortcut doesn't work because it keeps coming back.

Still no joy on getting the update to work, either. :(

I haven't encountered this yet but two things you can do to try and resolve it...

Remove the link for Images. MSPaint may no longer be part of the Windows package.

Remove the link for the Audio path.

Without truly just deleting the paths, I'd do a COPY and PASTE them into NotePad then give it a try. If you determine it is the audio one, click the folder icon and go search for the actual file again using the path you copied/pasted over in NotePad as a guide.