Lectora Inspire 18: Invalid Window Handler msg


I'm starting a new project based around some development work with Lectora Inspire 18. After installing the program, I can't seem to get the template or sample file sent over by the client to work correctly. The message I'm receiving (soon before it crashes) is:

WIndow Title: Error creating window!

Pop up body: Invalid Window Handler

From this info, could someone determine what is leading to the crash here? Maybe it has to do w/ associated (external) files that I need to have locally?

Thank you!


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Do you know what version of Lectora the project was originally built in?

They were using Lectora 18.

Is this a module you could zip up and post here to see if this error is specific to you, or if it happens to others as well? (the files that should come with the .awt file is an 'images' folder at a minimum, but may also include an 'extern' folder (for any attachments the course may launch), a 'media' folder for video, and an .ini file.

If you didn't have associated files like images or attachments, the Lectora file should still open, but identify missing resources one by one.

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