Lectora Desktop v21.4.4 Available Now

  • LD-8005  New objects inserted onto a selected page now automatically appear on top. Otherwise, if the page is not selected, they are inserted after the object selected in the project explorer. Updated copy/paste and drag/drop so the order is not reversed in some cases
  • LD-8297  Saving to an LMS is improved (bookmarking, variables). You no longer need to set AICC_LessonStatus equal to itself to ensure saving
  • LD-8300  The default button no longer has a shadow
  • LD-8308  Eliminated Screen Reader double reading issues. This release cleans up the double-reading issues when a page loads
  • LD-8245  Updated accessibility checker to the current WCAG specification
  • LD-8301  Fly animation can now be used with WCAG mode enabled


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YAY!!!! Thank you! :)