Lectora Desktop 21.5 button state bug.

I updated to newest 21.5 version of Lectora Desktop and encountered bug, where button states does not switch from 'disabled' or 'custom' back to normal when the action triggers it, it is only visual bug as the button turns back after being hovered and functions as usual.

Meanwhile, I managed to come up with a workaround using JS, which will fix the appearance, but you will have to add it after all occasions where button states are switched from 'disabled' to 'normal'. Add this action runJS with the same conditions and triggers as you use for changing the state.

let btnPath_ID = "button1897900imgF"; //Find this ID in preview mode from the button sub-element. (CSS path would be: button svg path:nth-of-type(2))

let normalState = "url(#Picture_page1897838_button1897900)"; //Find what is the fill asset URL when button is in normal state and strip HTML entities.

document.getElementById(btnPath_ID).style.fill = normalState; // or use getDisplayDocument() instead of 'document' if in Seamless play.


This has been fixed in v21.5.1 sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi Roland!

Thank you for brining this bug to our attention! I have alerted the team and they are busy working on currently fixing this! As this is a new release, we sometimes bump into these bugs, so we appreciate your message on this!

I will let you know through this thread when it is fixed! Thanks again for your patience :)

We're also having the same for button state changes triggered by "on done playing" audio actions. Big mess since the course is full audio, and we disable the buttons while audio plays ... which means they never "enable" unless they have hovered, as RolandMaj7 noted.

Hope the fix is soon because we have end-of-the-year deliverables and this is a really, really bad problem for our courses.

I'll also add that I tried adding the "change button state" action as a synced event on the audio timeline NOTHING happens. So that is possibly another big bug.

I have also alerted the team to this problem, and they are also working as quick as possible to fix it! :)

it double-sumitted on me. 😐

This has been fixed in v21.5.1 sorry for the inconvenience!