Layer Numbering

It would be a nice addition to be able to place images or other things behind 3D models. As of right now, it appears that only images, questions and info cards can be layered in the way that most designers understand layers. 3D models always remain behind everything. Thanks so much!

Discussion (2)

I would like to actually have numbered layers, and the layer something is on would be a property of the object, and settable in Actions. Obviously in a 360 environment, the layers would be crystal spheres, like the pre-Keplerian model of the universe.

3D Models occupy 3D space within the scene, and can also have a Z-component (layering) built into them, so depending upon the design of the model itself, it may be in front of or behind other objects in the scene. 2D Objects do respect layering with each other, as they can all be put on the same plane, and do not have a layering component built into them.

So, this isn't really a feature request that can be done the answer would be to define your model so that it is in front of the base plane in the Z Order.