How to truly pause a scene at the start?

In multiple scenarios we have scenes where either the scene should start paused (because you start with a introduction text for instance), or scenes where you jump to a certain time and get a question right away. The problem is, the scene ALWAYS starts playing for half a second, even if the very first On Show action is to pause the scene.

Especially in situations like these this is very annoying / immersion breaking: scene A plays, question 1 pops up, you pick answer b, you jump to 2:45 in scene B where question 2 pops up. In this case, scene B briefly plays from 0:00 and then jumps to 2:45 and then pauses. If the camera in scene B is at a different position at 0:00 then at 2:45 (because the person the camera is mounted on walked towards another room or so), it looks really weird and confusing.

How do I fix or work around this?

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This was something that I was finding incredibly annoying previously. It is the same with pausing a scene mid way through and have a pop-up video for example, it never actually pauses at the exact time and the video never quite comes up exactly when it should.

My work-around for both these issues is do everything outside of Cenario, for example all videos I export have a few seconds at the start of still frame, so when you 'Pause scene' at the start it doesn't give that annoying one second of played video. I also burn the video pop-ups in to the actual videos before uploading to Cenario.

Hope this helps!