How to share common course modules between meta courses

It is possible to share content across multiple courses. Multiple titles can be used to create common modules and "meta-courses" that load common modules and can contain their own specific content as well.

How to share common course modules.pkg this is the meta-course which includes the modules published contents.

Module1.pkg a shared module

Module2.pkg a shared module

How to share common course modules (1).zip this is the published meta-course, a SCORM package

All courses are setup to be published using Seamless Play Publish SPP (the publishing options are specified on the last page of the titles). The published content from the module titles has been integrated into the meta-course, but could easily be placed somewhere else on the same server. The scripting can be changed for non-SPP publish as well, but SPP generally works well for mobile courses.

To test out the course upload the zip of the meta-course to scorm cloud or coursemill

If you are interested in doing this, if you have questions, or if you have additional thoughts on this solution please reply. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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