How Do I Use "Change Contents" for Rank/Sequence question?

I'm trying to create a rank/sequence question on a single page, and I set up the choices in the correct sequence in the question editor, but when I test the question in Preview mode, I keep getting the "Incorrect" feedback, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

In the Lectora Help article for Rank/Sequence questions, it states "Use the 

Change Contents

 action to make sure question choices are properly delimited. Commas within correct choices must be changed to the , escape sequence."

So how do I use the Change Contents action? Do I put this action under each choice? What is the appropriate Trigger, Target, and Value?

I've been trying different things, but nothing seems to be working, so I'm sure I'm missing something.

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Thanks for your help. I just rebuilt the question without using any commas in the choices, selected the "Randomize Choices" checkbox before checking the "Show Choices in Dropdown" box, and now when I preview the question, it works.

I do think ( correct me if im wrong ) that the part you are referring to ( 'Use

Change Contents

action' ) only is relevant when importing questions from a CSV list. Im not 100% sure though as the Help is somewhat unclear in this. Let me do a test, adding 'comma's' to a normal Rank/Sequence.. if that fails then indeed the Change Contents action as mentioned is needed.

Well i created a simple Rank/Sequence with 'commas' in the answer options. No problem whatsoever.. So i assume that the 'Change Contents' remarks found in the Help, and indeed you can find this in different spots only is needed when importing questions from a CSV.

I agree however with you that its not clear in the Help how and when to use this.

Shouldn't the Help and documentation be this shows it is not clear.

If something still is unclear, or you setup doesnot work...share it, and i will check it out.

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