Help with Actions/Variables/Conditions for Character Count and Text List

Hello everyone. I am asking for help with a time-sensitive project that I am currently working on for my organization. The help I need deals with two different pages for specific actions/variables/conditions. I have a page set up with an entry field already created. The user has to type in the entry field (we are suggesting at least 20 characters) before they can move to the next page. I am trying to set it up where the learner gets a pop-up page that states they can't go to the next page unless they have typed 20 characters in the entry field. However, when I tried setting this page up and then tested it in Lectora 21 (web browser, run, and preview modes), I was able to move to the next page. The other page I am trying to set up is for a pre-selected text word list. The learner has to click one of 34 words to appear in a box (total of 5 boxes) and the same word can't be used in different boxes. We are also trying to set up a confirmation pop-up message to appear before they can move to the next page. If okay on confirmation pop-up dialogue box, they can move to the next page. If no on confirmation pop-up dialogue box, then either all 5 boxes or specific box is reset. Whenever I tried to set up the actions/variables/conditions for these items, I can still move to the next page without completing the activities. I know that the actions/variables/conditions are not set up correctly and I am hoping that someone is able to help me with these items or give examples on how to do it. This project is all from a PowerPoint Presentation and I am currently using Lectora 21. Does someone know how to set this up?

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If you use Javascript...Run mode doesnot work. Then you need to Publish to HTML and preview.

And suddenly remembering why you can go to your 2nd page when importing from Powerpoint. Powerpoint import automatically adds Key triggers... nextPage... those you have to remove.

As for the 2nd page with the boxes and words... i do have a possible solution for that too. Do share a sample...makes it easier to see whether my solution fits.