Help! Keystroke Commands as Actions/Triggers

Hello all:

I'm new to Lectora (although I'm reasonably proficient in similar authoring tools) and I am working on a Software Simulation in Lectora21, and I am trying to replicate some actions required by the user.

For example, I would like to have them Click a transparent button to mimic selecting a cell on an Excel screenshot, and use the CTRL-C shortcut to "copy" the info, and on the next screen, click a text entry field and press CTRL-V to "paste" that data into another app (screenshot).

I know that other apps are able to do this, so I just need some guidance on how this would work in Lectora.

Any and all assistance gratefully received at this end.

Discussion (2)

Thanks for this suggestion, Tim. I'm still kinda new at there a good step-by-step I could follow to achieve that outcome?

If you had input fields on both ends you wouldn't have to define the keystroke actions in Lectora and the users could actually copy/paste the value with the OS / Browsers keyboard actions.

You can use the transparent button to simulate a double-click and use the "Focus" action to select the input field.