Full Screen

In the Go To Web action, there is a new window properties section which allows you to set specific parameters for the popup window.


Can you please add a checkbox option under the

Window Size

to open the window full screen?


I have an external activity that I built, and instead of using this canned action, I had to add a OnMclRunJS to run the following code:

var params = [



'fullscreen=yes' // only works in IE, but here for completeness


var popup = window.open('EN/index.html', 'popup_window', params); 


Discussion (3)

Thank you for the suggestion, I'll bring this up

We are working on this, but be aware that this does not work in all environments. I have not seen it work with Chrome or Safari on Mac. So we will add a notice that the result for having a New Browser Window cannot be guaranteed.




I guess I get off lucky that I am in a corporate windows environment.

I guess its a good perk.