FR: solve locked scenario problem

We work in multi-disciplinary teams on CenarioVR projects, where one author creates a new scenario and shares this with other authors so we can work off the scenario in turns. However, when one (any!) of the authors does not "properly" close the scenario, others trying to open it are greeted with a message that the scenario is locked by that person. This happens when a scenario is closed by closing the browser (tab), instead of clicking on the white left-arrow in the blue circle at the top left of the screen.

The scenario remains locked for viewing and editing, unless the person who opened the scenario last reopens it and closes it properly. This is quite inconvenient, because the person who closed the scenario session has no clue it is locked, since there is no visible status or something like that, no notification, etc. Also, people are so used to closing websites by just closing the browser (tab), that closing CenarioVR like this is not perceived as "wrong". Next to that, a left-arrow icon is generally perceived as 'go back' and not as 'close this'.


1) Notify the user when trying to close a scenario by closing the browser (tab) ("Are you sure?") - or properly close the scenario when this happens instead of locking it.

2) Put a lock icon on/next to scenario's that are locked, also in valid cases (when someone is actually editing the scenario), so that users can see that. Add info on who locked it.

Discussion (1)

We've had the same problem. I whined about, er, reported this as a problem a while ago.