Drag and Drop works once when previewed ver 21

I created a Drag n Drop. I uploaded the images for each of the drags and one image for the drop. Sized the drop zone layer over each step. When I preview it, it works; however, if I preview again, it doesn’t. When I look at the question in Edit mode, the drop zone is no longer covered individually. Thus, not working until I resize the layers over the image again.

Each item on the right is paired with the zone on the right and the check box is checked for the correct matching item.

When I go back to check, the drop images are stacked on top of each other.

Discussion (2)

Please export your course, or at least this page, and post a link so we can take a look and see what is wrong with your course.

What comes to mind is that this has happened to me the first time. It was because the selected image simply did not have enough space to place all the elements there. (Translated from German to English by Google).