Does anyone have experience publishing a course developed using Lectora 19 in BioRAFT?

We are getting this error " You must run this content from a web-based server Forbidden"

What should be done to resolve this error? We are using BioRAFT as the learning management system.

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Any updates on this? Do you know if BioRaft is SCORM-Compliant?

This error can occur when one of the files is not fully encrypted. You may have noticed a file named similar to “” alongside the scorm zip file. The encryption process occurs using one of our installed executables called "C:\Program Files (x86)\eLearningBrothers\Lectora 19\encrypt.exe" If this file is not permitted to execute, then the file will not be converted and will cause this error when the course attempts to load the resource. Please ensure that encrypt.exe is permitted to run. We suggest you ask your IT or check your anti-virus software for permissions.

Our complete list of web addresses, files to permit, and other related permissions can be found here: