Custom Status

Can a publisher add a custom status for a comment, or only reviewers? I would like to create a custom status that identifies a comment is related to audio, so I can sort those separately. That would help me create my script, and know to ignore those until the audio comes in.

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Ok, so the information in the online help guide is not accurate - correct?

Custom statuses cannot be created, but once you’ve finished collecting comments, you can use the 


 tab in ReviewLink to sort, filter and view the notes left by your reviewers. You can filter using existing statuses such as: New, In Progress, More Info Needed, OK, Not OK, No Change, Fixed, and Archived. A publisher can update these statuses by going to the Comments tab, track down the Reviewer's comment, and toggle the Status Field (below the the Respond field) and click on Submit Response to Save the changes. For example, you can update any comments marked as 


 to an 


 status so that it will no longer be considered active. For comments marked as 

Not OK

, you can repeat the review cycle by making changes in your Lectora title and republishing to ReviewLink.