Coursemill Gradebook Not Updating

Hello! My name is Coy and we've been experiencing some issues with courses being completed and passed; however, Coursemill is not updating to show completed or passed. In addition, if we go in to manually modify through the gradebook, it will not update unless we unregister the student and reregister them. Our courses seem to work best in Firefox and we have added a page to instruct students to verify they're using Firefox when they start the course. When we register students for the courses, we register them using register by suborg including their title and other information such as date of hire. Any thoughts?

Coursemill v7.1

Lectora Inspire 18.0.1


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Hi Coy,

That sounds like a lot of unnecessary work. I have open a support ticket for you and will reach out to you via email to get more information. Thanks for letting us know.


John Eckhart

Trivantis Customer Solutions

We have also experienced a similar situation. It usually occurs when the individual retakes a course. We are able to go back and manually complete.