CourseMill Annual Re-enroll - need to keep history

We have certain courses that are required annually, and employees need to take at different times throughout the year (some take in March, some in October, etc.). I would like to auto re-enroll them, so (1) managers can see both their past and upcoming training on one report, and (2) no one has to constantly check their dates to re-enroll them in new training. I've tried every combination of Curriculum/Course/Session that I can think of, but it never keeps the previous completion when it re-enrolls them. Has anyone done this or know how to?

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The students are not archived, and I'm only interested in the active students.

We're only on version 7.3, and trying to get updated - I'm hoping that will help too!

@rbreler2122 Are the student archived, inactive or active?

CourseMill user for many years, here.

Are you using the certification function? CourseMill is SUPPOSED TO automatically flip the student back to Not attempted at the interval you designate. Previous completion is supposed to go to the Transcript Report when this happens. You may want to run an experiment to confirm, but that's the way it's supposed to work.

The fact that previous completion only shows on the Transcript report and not the Status report is scary for some users. They don't like running other reports. Despite the ease of the certification function, we don't use it for this very reason. We usually have to setup new sessions at the end of the year, and freshly enroll those individuals who have to complete the cert annually. We then have to report on both sessions till the end of the year, but they show on the status reports that way. It makes the users happy, but is a pain for those of us on the administrative side.