Circular dependencies in scorm published content found by Blackboard 9.1 SP7


I use Lectora X.6 (8457) and publish my Title to scorm/web-based.

Each time when I import these packages into Blackboard 9.1 SP7 I get a warning that there might be a problem with the content.

When looking at the details I get the following message:

"The following resources have circular dependencies: P_46, P_49, P_52, P_55, R_43, S_BaseFiles, S_SCORMFiles."

The P_ change based on the title I publish, but the S_BaseFiles and S_SCORMFiles are always part of the warning.

I publish to Scorm 1.2.

Anyone has experience with this warning?



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Came here because I'm having the same issue...9 years later. Anyone have an answer, please?

Please post any follow up on this discussion.